CM Punk Receives ‘A Small Gift’ From Madison Square Garden

Last night, CM Punk wrestled his first WWE match in over a decade, defeating “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio inside the iconic Madison Square Garden. Despite some last-minute confusion regarding which gear he would wear, the contest went off without a hitch. Punk was cheered, Mysterio was wildly booed, and The Second City Savior hit his GTS for the victory, eliciting even more positivity from those in attendance. The comeback performance was not just a success inside the ring but also at the box office, as the event was reportedly the highest-grossing domestic non-televised event in history.

In appreciation for his efforts and the large gate, Madison Square Garden presented Punk with a special gift backstage. In a video released on social media by WWE, Punk is approached by an MSG representative who hands him a gift-wrapped box.

“Here’s a small gift on behalf of your friends at the Garden,” the rep says.

Punk concedes that he is awful with gifts but gleefully goes about unwrapping what he’s been given. Once opened, a big smile flashed across his face as he revealed a small silver bar with an inscription that reads as follows.

Welcome Home CM Punk
First WWE Match In A Decade
December 26, 2023
Madison Square Garden

After thanking the rep Punk quipped that he thought he was being given ” a key to a secret bathroom or something.”

With his return match behind him, Punk begins his march to WrestleMania, where many speculate he will headline night one against WWE World Champion Seth “Freaking” Rollins. The two men have been at odds since the moment Punk appeared at the top of the Survivor Series entrance ramp, and their recent promo exchange on Raw made it clear they are on a collision course.

In order to earn that opportunity, Punk may have to eliminate twenty-nine other men from the Royal Rumble match, which he has declared himself for. If he does not pull out the win there, it is possible he will get another chance at the Elimination Chamber in February, where the second WWE world title contender is traditionally named.