Liv Morgan Police Report Released For Marijuana Arrest

Former WWE SmackDown Champion Liv Morgan found herself in some hot water two weeks ago. She was arrested on charges of possession of a synthetic cannabinoid, possession of marijuana, and possession of drug equipment. The arrest took place in Bushnell, FL. has acquired a copy of the police report from the incident, and we have included it below.

The defendant (Gionna Daddio) Committed the offenses of possession of a controlled substance (THC oil ) a vape pen, pursuant to F.S.S 893.13.6a and F.S.S. 893.13.6b- Possession of Marijuana 20 grams or less, by unlawfully and willfully having in her possession a green leafy substance that field tested positive for marijuana within Sumter County to wit: 

On 12/14/2023, at approximately 6:26 pm, Sgt. Otero observed a yellow jeep bearing Florida Tag [DELETED BY PWINSIDER] Traveling West on CR 476 Bushnell, Florida, within Sumter County. The vehicle could not remain in the lane it was traveling. Sgt. Otero observed the vehicle to cross over the yellow and white lines on the roadway several times. Sgt. Otero then conducted a stop on the vehicle to ensure the driver wasn’t having any health issues. Sgt. Otero explained as he approached the vehicle, he immediately smelled the odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle.

I Deputy E. Hillman arrived on scene as Sgt Otero was speaking with the defendant. Sgt. Otero asked the defendant to step out of the vehicle. The defendant was detained due to her stating there was marijuana in the vehicle and she did not hold a medical marijuana card. I then took over the investigation. 

Upon contact with the defendant, I did a pat down of her person and placed her in the back of my patrol car. A search was done of the vehicle, and in a pink fuzz bag located on the back seat within arms reach of the defendant, I located a small clear plastic bag containing a green leafy substance. A continued search of the vehicle, I located a vape pen within the center console of the vehicle that contained an oil-like substance. 

I conducted a presumptive field test on the green leafy substance and the oil-like substance in the vape pen, which all yielded a positive result for marijuana. 

I read the defendant’s Miranda warning. Post-Miranda, the defendant stated the green leafy substance(marijuana) was hers, and all the items inside the vehicle were hers. The defendant stated that she transports a lot of people in her vehicle, so she doesn’t know where the Vape pen came from. The defendant stated she smokes marijuana but does not vape. The defendant stated that she does not have a medical marijuana card. 

Due to the vape pen and green leafy substance all testing positive for marijuana, the defendant was placed under arrest.