Tony Khan Expects ‘The Devil’ Revelations At AEW Worlds End

Last night’s episode of AEW Dynamite went off the air with Samoa Joe standing over a downed MJF, holding the AEW World Championship high over his head. Moments earlier, the two men had been standing side-by-side, warding off the latest attack from The Devil. However, with a steel chair in hand, Joe attacked Friedman from behind, seemingly at the behest of the mysterious hooded figure. The story of The Devil versus MJF has been one of the longer told on AEW TV by Tony Khan.

On today’s AEW Worlds End media call, the AEW President was asked when fans can expect a big reveal when it comes to the ongoing “The Devil” storyline.

“It feels like we’re getting close to that point, and I do expect some big revelations and big moments at Worlds End,” he began. “It’s its own idea, and it’s something that I’m excited about. I do feel like it’s coming close to the culmination. And it does feel like the secrets will be revealed at Worlds End, and I’m looking forward to it. It’s been very different than the other aspects of AEW, which I think that as I go on here and get into some of these more technical questions.

“I’m really looking forward to talking about the presentation of AEW recently and what we’ve done. I think one aspect of it, that’s been really interesting and has been something to keep people hooked, and those people that want to see that kind of episodic story. It’s really something that has got a lot of people talking and I think has built a lot of interest for Worlds End is the identity of The Devil and last night finding out that Samoa Joe is working with The Devil, and it’s MJF versus Samoa Joe and I think that twist adds a new layer to it knowing that Samoa Joe, of course, has been working with The Devil in cahoots, but who is The Devil now that we know it’s not Samoa Joe?

“And I’m very excited for the match. I think last time MJF versus Samoa Joe at Grand Slam was a great match, and now the stakes have been set and the table is there, and we’re ready for a great MJF versus Samoa Joe match with a different set of stakes.”

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