Top AEW Star Turns On MJF In Twist To AEW’s Devil Storyline

The main event of tonight’s AEW Dynamite was supposed to see AEW World Champion MJF teaming with Samoa Joe to defend the ROH World Tag Team Championships against The Devil’s Masked Men. The Masked Men showed up as announced, under hoods, with all their skin covered by black spandex, walking to the ring in dim lighting. Friedman was the first man out for his team and waited on the outside for his partner to arrive.

After Joe’s music played for a prolonged period of time without him coming out, Friedman began to look concerned. This is when the camera cuts to the backstage area, where Joe is on the ground screaming in pain. With his partner incapacitated, Friedman decided to be the hero The Devil wanted him to be and defend the titles in a handicap match.

The match itself saw Friedman in control early on, but things quickly broke down. At one point, while on the outside, and with the ref distracted, a third Masked Man appeared from under the ring with a pipe and attacked Friedman before quickly rolling back under the ring. Friedman was then rolled into the ring, where he was hit with his own Heatseeker piledriver and pinned by a Masked Man whose feet were on the ropes. The Masked Men were then crowned the new ROH World Tag Team Champions and posed in the ring before two other Masked Men joined to beat down Friedman.

After rushing to the ring shortly after the loss, seemingly to help Friedman, a message from The Devil flashed on the screen. It said, “Pleasure Doing Business With You,” and then Joe attacked his Worlds End opponent from behind with a steel chair. Joe proceeded to beat down the young star before delivering his signature Muscle Buster finishing move. While standing over a downed Friedman, Joe grabbed the AEW World Championship and posed over his lifeless body. The commentators wildly speculated that Joe is somehow in cahoots with The Devil’s Masked Men or is possibly The Devil himself.