Greg Valentine Caught On Camera Using Homophobic Slur

Aging pro wrestlers getting caught saying offensive things has become sadly unsurprising in recent years. Most notably, WWE Hall of Fame inductee Hulk Hogan was caught using the n-word in a leaked sex tape back in April 2012. The tape was leaked online by Gawker and featured Hogan making other insensitive comments about black people, as well. Now, one of Hogan’s former opponents is finding himself in hot water over his own caught-on-camera comments: Greg Valentine.

In a video shared on X by the wife of WWE Hall of Fame inductee Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, Valentine can be seen seated at a restaurant table. He appears to be intoxicated and is leaning over, talking rather sternly to someone off-camera.

“Eat my a–hole, you f-cking f-gg-t,” he said. “I could whip you with one arm tied behind my f-cking back.”

In the other video, also shared by Missy Beefcake, Valentine looks to be sitting at the same table but is being filmed at a slightly different angle.

“The f-gg-t on CNN besides Don Lemon?” he asks the group.

“Anderson Cooper,” one suggests.

“Anderson Cooper!” he says in agreement.

Both Lemon and Cooper are openly gay. Cooper, along with his partner, Benjamin Maisani, are currently raising two children.


It is interesting that Beefcake’s wife chose to release these videos, considering the two WWE Hall of Famers and former Dream Team tag team partners have publicly been on good terms in recent years. A photo of the two men sitting together in their recliners drinking beers went viral a few years back, and all seemed well. However, in the past week, Valentine spoke with Wrestling Shoot Interviews and called Beefcake’s wife “a f-cking c-nt.”