Mercedes Mone Reportedly Not WWE-Bound; Expected Elsewhere ‘Imminently’

Mercedes Mone has held pro wrestling fans in the palms of her well-manicured hands this week, as she has dropped several teases that she is heading back to WWE. When WWE held its Holiday Tour live event in Boston, Mone was quick to drop a photo on Instagram Stories outside the Boston Garden. Earlier today, she felt compelled to release photos of her training in the ring in front of WWE WrestleMania posters and an image of Paul “Triple H” Levesque. Now, it appears all those teases may have just been that, teases.

Fightful reports that WWE and Mone had been in talks about a possible return. However, based on WWE sources Fightful spoke with tonight, those talks are no longer happening. The dialogue between the two sides was said to be friendly, but when the back and forth between them “failed to progress,” the WWE camp is said to have walked away. Another source said they expect Mone to appear in another promotion “imminently” but fell short of saying AEW explicitly. Of course, AEW Worlds End takes place tomorrow night and would make a great platform for her debut if it were to happen.

Mone’s last match took place at NJPW Strong Resurgence in May, where she lost to AEW star Willow Nightingale in the finals of the NJPW Strong Women’s Championship tournament. Nightingale’s win was a huge surprise and was a last-minute decision due to a broken ankle Mone sustained during the bout. Based on the phones she shared earlier today showing her in-the-ring training, it would seem she is good to go.