CM Punk Lawyer Explains Why Chris Jericho Should Be Under NDA – Exclusive

This past week, Chris Jericho got involved in an argument on social media with CM Punk and Ace Steel’s lawyer, Stephen P. New. The spat began when Jericho got wind of comments New made on a podcast noting that the only person in the room during the infamous AEW All Out brawl who did not sign an NDA is Steel’s wife, Lucy. Jericho felt compelled to point out he saw the incident go down and was never made to sign an NDA. That particular comment from Jericho surprised me, as I had heard of other instances involving him where he or others were made to sign NDAs.

In an interview with Rumor & Innuendo, New explained why he was surprised by Jericho’s response and why he feels the AEW star should be under an NDA.

“The reason for that without divulging too much of the confidentiality to which I am bound,” he said. “My understanding is that everyone who was a quote, unquote, witness to the incident at All Out 2022 would have been required to sign an NDA. Chris indicated he was a witness. That means to me that he would have been investigated by the law firm that was investigating the incident and would have been required to have signed an NDA.

“Apart from that, though. It’s my belief that AEW talent is bound to confidentiality. It’s part and parcel of their policies, their handbooks, and that. So, regardless if Jericho was or was a witness to a portion of the incident, then he’s still bound by company confidentiality.”

Jericho competed in an eight-man tag team match last night at AEW Worlds End. Due to the swirling allegations against him, he was largely met with boos and “NDA” chants from the crowd. Khan was asked to clarify whether Jericho had ever been alleged of sexual misconduct in the workplace during the post-show media scrum, and the AEW President repeatedly declined to clear the former AEW World Champion of any misdeeds.

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