Concern For Giovanni Vinci After WWE Raw Match Ends Early (Updated)

UPDATE: Giovanni Vinci has shared the following on social media, letting fans know that he is alright,” Sto bene. Grazie mille.” That translates to “I am fine. A thousand thanks.”

WWE Raw featured two of the greatest tag team specialists in history, Kofi Kingston and Jey Uso, taking on Imperium’s Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci. The match started off well, but following a commercial break, things quickly took a turn. At one point, Vinci leaped to the second rope and went to hurl himself at Kingston. The New Day member responded quickly with a drop kick that caught Vinci hard underneath the chin as he was crashing to the mat. Uso appeared to wince in pain on the ring apron when he saw the two men make contact.

Vince looked visibly dazed and remained still on his back after the move. The referee told Vinci’s opponents to back off while he checked on him, and after communicating with people in the back via headset, made the call to end the match early. The ringside doctor quickly began tending to Vince, who was able to roll out of the ring of his own accord. Michael Cole noted on commentary that they would provide updates on Vinci’s condition when they have them.

Haus of Wrestling is working to learn more about the situation now, and sends its best to Vinci.