Big Little Brawlers’ Ivar The Micro Talks Possible AEW Cross-Promotion – Exclusive

Pro wrestling fans will have a new alternative to check out on Discovery this Tuesday night at 10/9c: Big Little Brawlers. The series follows the stars of the Micro Wrestling Federation, including Hot Rod, Pinky, Lil’ Show, and their rowdy ring announcer Ivar The Micro, who suffers from Brittle Bone Disease. Discovery is owned by Warner Brothers Discovery and is under the same umbrella as TNT and TBS, which air AEW programming.

In the past, AEW has been open to cross-promoting other WBD properties, like their Animal Planet Shark Week or HBO House Of Dragon integration. On today’s episode of Rumor & Innuendo, I asked Ivar how he would feel about Big Little Brawlers cross-promoting with AEW and if there were any plans to do so.

“I would love nothing more than to call matches for AEW,” he beamed. “I mean, I’m not opposed to anything. This has been my dream. I’ve been fighting my whole life to get to this point, and now I get to sing, and I get to do wrestling. Every night. I get to call wrestling and sing every night. So, I mean, it’s a dream job.”

“To be on this spectacle with this TV show is a dream come true for all of us. No job has ever put any of us on a pedestal. I’ve had to work Target, Best Buy, and jobs that they don’t hire you in the name of safety. You know? Because you’re little. They don’t hire you because you’re little. And this is the only job that puts little people on a pedestal. This is the only job that makes being disabled something that you could look up to in a society that kind of looks down on people like us.”

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