CM Punk Makes Bold Claim About Seth Rollins’ WWE Opportunities

It seems almost inevitable at this point that CM Punk and Seth Rollins are on a collision course for a major WWE clash. Ever since Punk’s return to the company back at Survivor Series, the two have continually taken verbal jabs at each other and even came face-to-face on an episode of RAW last month where Punk indicated that he would be challenging the World Heavyweight Champion, should he win the upcoming Men’s Royal Rumble.

With just a few weeks to go until the first Premium Live Event of 2024, the company hosted a ‘WWE 2024 Preview Special’ which gave an overview of the various international Premium Live Events coming up throughout this year. Also featured on the program was an exclusive interview with Punk, who, at one point, was asked about his feelings on Rollins during his last televised WWE match – the 2014 Royal Rumble, where they entered at #1 and #2, respectively.

“I viewed Seth as somebody who’s following in my footsteps,” Punk replied. “I think there’s a lot of people in wrestling that are in the WWE now that, for better or for worse, looked up to a guy like me. I always like to thank the legends that helped pave the way for the roads that I travel now, guys like Terry Funk, Eddie Guerrero, Bret Hart, Tracy Smothers, Chris Candido.

“There’s a litany of guys that I always feel that I wouldn’t have gotten the opportunities that I got if it weren’t for them. I’m in a position where it feels strange to be vocalizing it, but I think Seth is a guy, at least I definitely thought it ten years ago, that he’s a dude that I don’t think would have gotten the opportunities that he has gotten if it wasn’t for me. That might hurt some people’s feelings, but facts are facts. They don’t care about your feelings.”

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