Karrion Kross Debuts New WWE Faction With Returning Tag Team

Karrion Kross has been a lone wolf throughout his WWE career unless, of course, you count his wife and soothsayer, Scarlett, by his side. All of that changed tonight as Kross and Scarlett aligned with one of the most physically impressive WWE tag teams of all time, The Authors of Pain, and their legendary manager, Paul Ellering. AOP and Ellering had been teased as coming to SmackDown for a few weeks now, but how they would be used was not clear. The new faction does not seem to have a name, but it is likely we will get one in the near future.

The group made its presence known as The Street Profits, and Bobby Lashley were cutting a promo in the ring. Out of nowhere, Kross’ music hit, and he emerged at the top of the entrance ramp. From behind him first came Scarlett and then Ellering. With the AOP nowhere in sight, The Street Profits were blindsided from behind in the ring by Akam and Rezar. Kross was quick to make his way to the ring to assault Lashley as well.

AOP hit their impressive Super Collider finishing maneuver first, smashing Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins together mid-air before dropping them with synchronized powerbombs. Kross then got his hands on Lashley, who he dropped to the mat with his Downward Spiral. The three men and their seconds then posed over their fallen foes, who it seems they will see more action against.

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