CM Punk And Drew McIntyre Get Heated In WWE Raw Promo Battle

Drew McIntyre kicked off tonight’s WWE Raw by airing his grievances over his World Heavyweight Championship loss to Seth “Freaking” Rollins on Day 1. The hulking Scotsman placed the blame squarely at the feet of Damian Priest, who tried to cash in his Money In The Bank contract mid-match, costing them both the opportunity to become champions. McIntyre continued on with his gripes, noting that his momentum is being overshadowed by a multitude of things, including CM Punk returning “to open arms” at WWE Survivor Series.

Following that comment, Punk’s music hit, and the crowd went wild. The Second City Savior made his way to the ring and told McIntyre that if he had something he wanted to say to him, he could say it to his face. He then went to the corner and kicked his feet up on the ropes like Shawn Michaels, awaiting a response.

“Right now, I’m not in a dark place,” McIntyre pointedly responded. “I’ve got some obstacles in my way; I’ll kick them down. I’m Drew McIntyre; I got it these days. And I didn’t have it back then. I was just a kid; I had personal issues going on. I had lost the person who was closest to me in the world; my career was in a tailspin. And I could have done with a real leader to tell me it was gonna be okay, to help me navigate this place, but you saw me as a threat, and that was never gonna happen.

“I’ve spoke to Randy Orton about this before and I understand that Randy couldn’t help me because he had his own demons. You’re straight edge. You don’t have any demons. You are a demon. A self-serving narcissistic succubus, and I didn’t need anybody to help me become a leader. Once I got fired, I figured it out. I stepped up myself, and I became the man I am today. So after being gone for nine years, I’m your leader now, kid.”

Punk joked back that if McIntyre wanted a leader, he could shave his head and join The Straight Edge Society. He went on to note that both of them left WWE on different terms, but he is attempting to do what McIntyre did, return to the promotion as a better version of himself. Furthermore, he intends to win the Royal Rumble and main event WrestleMania, just like McIntyre.

“I’m not a demon; when pushed, I’m Satan himself,” Punk concluded.

“I’ve won the Royal Rumble; I’ve main-evented WrestleMania, something you’ve never done,” McIntyre shot back. “But that wasn’t for me, those title wins. No, if you remember right, the world shut down. This place needed somebody to step up. Those title wins were for the entire world. They were for this roster, and some of our superstars stepped away because if you were still here, you’d probably step away too because when the going gets tough, Punk gets going.

“This time, I’m entering the Royal Rumble; if it’s not clear, I’ll be in the Royal Rumble, and if you’re in there, you want to talk about being Satan. I will exercise you; I will eliminate you from that Royal Rumble. I will go back to the main event of WrestleMania and win the title with live fans, and this time, it’s going to be for me.”

“It’s getting a little spicy in here, Drew,” Punk dryly responded. “So, I’m gonna lead by example, and I’m gonna walk away before I knock your teeth down your throat. There’s one person that can stop me from accomplishing my goals, and it’s me and I got out of my own way a long time ago.”

Punk ended the segment by telling McIntyre that because he is such a nice guy, he is going to throw him out last.

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