Update On How Long Giovanni Vinci Will Be Out Of WWE Action

Last week’s WWE Raw Day 1 special saw The New Day’s Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods take on Imperium’s Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci. Unfortunately, the match had to end early when Kingston caught Vinci, who was leaping from the second turnbuckle, with a dropkick right under the chin, knocking him out. Vinci took to social media shortly after the incident to let everyone know he was doing alright.

On tonight’s episode of WWE Raw, Michael Cole gave an update on Vinci on commentary. He noted that the Imperium member will be out of action for “a number of weeks.”

Vinci’s partner, Kaiser, was not about to let his friend’s injury go unavenged. Kaiser and Kingston competed in a singles match that ended in a double countout draw when neither man got back into the ring by the count of ten. Kingston attempted to hit a suicide dive on Kaiser after the match but was met with a thumb to the eye instead. From there, Kaiser proceeded to deliver a vicious beating on The New Day veteran.

At one point, after delivering a back body drop over the commentary table, Kaiser grabbed one of the office chairs and threw it right at Kingston’s face. From there, Kaiser took Kingston’s unconscious body and lay it on the steel steps before delivering a running dropkick right into his head. Officials and referees eventually pulled Kaiser away and took him to the backstage area.