Backstage Details On CM Punk & Jack Perry’s AEW All In Fight

CM Punk may have main eventing WWE WrestleMania 40 in his sights, but before The Second City Savior was on the road there, he was competing for Tony Khan’s AEW. Punk’s final AEW match took place at All In: London, the week before All Out, where he defeated Samoa Joe, retaining his “Real” AEW World Championship. Moments before the contest took place, Punk was involved in a backstage altercation with Jack Perry, which Khan was present for.

After an investigation into what happened, Khan made the call to terminate Punk and indefinitely suspend Perry. In a video statement, Khan said he felt his life was in danger during the melee, but details about what went down have been scant, at best.

On the latest episode of Sirius’ Jim Norton & Sam Roberts, DJ Woo Kid, who was at All In and accompanied Swerve Strickland to the ring, revealed what he saw go down backstage.

“You already know what happened in the back. It was a straight brawl city. I ain’t going to talk about that. It was blood and killing and death,” he said with a laugh.

“Think about it; it was like the biggest moment for AEW, and I guess he’s trying to sabotage that moment,” he added, clarifying he meant Punk. “He wasn’t trying to go out there. That’s when and I’m in the middle, like, you know me, I’m the fly on the wall.”

“It was very intense. You know? I always thought it was fake, and all this sh-t,” he continued. “There was a yelling moment where he was like, ‘Yo, f-ck this shit. This is our moment. Everybody get the f-ck out there and do your sh-t.’ And I was like, I don’t know how to wrestle, but I was about to go out. It was very intense. Like, you know, like, I will always respect wrestling after I saw that.”

Roberts interjected to ask who it was that was screaming at everyone to get to the ring to wrestle, and Kid stated, “It was that the big guy there, the Hawaiian.” Which sounds as if it was Samoa Joe who was preparing to go out and face Punk.

“It was a guy that was going ham, and I was just like, oh sh-t, and blood was everywhere from the fight before that,” he concluded, referencing how bloody Perry was from his No DQ match against HOOK on the pre-show where real glass was used. “Yeah, they came in, and they were bleeding, and I was like, yo, what is going on around here? This is intense.”

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