Backstage News On Andrade Leaving AEW And Returning To WWE

Andrade El Idolo wrestled his final AEW match at Worlds End last month, losing to Miro. The two men had been at odds on TV going into the match over Miro’s wife, CJ Perry, lending her managerial services to El Idolo. Following Worlds End, at the post-show press conference, AEW President Tony Khan confirmed that El Idolo was wrapping up his AEW contract and heading elsewhere.

Fightful reports that with El Idolo’s time with AEW over, he has an agreement in place to return to WWE. It was noted that El Idolo’s AEW contract was for two years but, due to injuries, had its expiration pushed back to the end of 2023. Multiple AEW talents they spoke with stated that El Idolo was not shy about his AEW contract length and how it would be up at the end of last year. Toward the end of his AEW run, he was apparently explicitly telling others that he was heading back to WWE.

El Idolo is said to have made the final call to leave AEW a few days before Worlds End. While Khan did leave the door open for him to return during his press conference appearance, it sounds as if El Idolo’s time with the company was frustrating, casting doubt on a return. El Idolo’s wife, WWE star Charlotte Flair, has pushed for him to return to the sports entertainment juggernaut. It was also pointed out that El Idolo had vocally pushed for Charlotte’s father, WWE Hall of Fame inductee Ric Flair, to be signed by AEW.

The report concluded by saying that no one in WWE has confirmed El Idolo is returning, but many said he is likely headed back.

During his time in WWE, El Idolo, simply known as Andrade, became the WWE NXT and United States Champion. Throughout the majority of his WWE run, he was managed by Zelina Vega, who is currently a member of the LWO.