Booker T Confirms Big Reality Of Wrestling TV & Venue News

Haus of Wrestling was sent the following by Reality Of Wrestling, owned by Booker T, regarding the rebranding of their sports arena and more.

Reality of Wrestling and Walker Texas Lawyer Unveil the Walker Texas Lawyer Arena

Reality of Wrestling (ROW), in partnership with Walker Texas Lawyer, is proud to announce the renaming of their new sports arena and training facility in Texas City, TX to the Walker Texas Lawyer Arena. This exciting development marks a new chapter for ROW as they continue to expand their presence in the world of professional wrestling.

The Walker Texas Lawyer Arena will now serve as the central hub for Reality of Wrestling’s monthly television shows, which are aired on CW39. Fans can expect an enhanced viewing experience with state-of-the-art facilities that the new arena brings.

The partnership between Reality of Wrestling and Walker Texas Lawyer officially began at the January 13th live event, “SLAMUARY,” where the announcement was first made. This collaboration represents a significant investment in the future of professional wrestling in Texas and a commitment to delivering top-tier entertainment to fans.

Booker T, founder of Reality of Wrestling, expressed his excitement about the partnership: “This is a monumental step for Reality of Wrestling. The Walker Texas Lawyer Arena will not only be a landmark for Texas City but also a beacon for wrestling fans across the region. We are thrilled to collaborate with Walker Texas Lawyer and look forward to bringing our fans the best in wrestling entertainment.”

Walker Texas Lawyer, a longtime supporter of sports and entertainment in Texas, shared his enthusiasm: “It’s an honor to be associated with Reality of Wrestling, a true powerhouse in the wrestling world. The Walker Texas Lawyer Arena represents our dedication to supporting local talent and providing a top-notch venue for wrestling enthusiasts.”

The Walker Texas Lawyer Arena promises to be a game-changer for Reality of Wrestling, offering an upgraded facility for training and hosting thrilling wrestling events. Fans are invited to witness the evolution of ROW at this state-of-the-art arena and join in the excitement of professional wrestling.

For more information on upcoming events and training programs, visit Reality of Wrestling’s website.