Big Tease Dropped For WWE 2K24

In the world of wrestling, January is usually associated with the Royal Rumble and in turn, the start of the annual road to WrestleMania. But over the last few years, January has also become associated with the first details emerging on the next entry in the WWE 2K video game franchise – which this year will be WWE 2K24. Around this time last year, John Cena was unveiled as the cover star of WWE 2K23 in a teaser trailer that also featured Bad Bunny and Logan Paul, confirming both as playable characters in the game.

It appears 2024 will continue the tradition as the official WWE Games X account has dropped the first big tease related to the next game in the series. Earlier today, the account changed its profile picture to the 2K24 logo and updated its bio to hint that more information on the title is coming on January 22nd. The official X account of the series’ publisher, 2K Games, also posted a graphic of the logo alongside text of the same date.

A few hours later, a second X post was published featuring various WWE stars speculating on who would be the cover star of the upcoming video game. While there’s been no word on who the star will be, there have been rumors and vast speculation that Cody Rhodes will take that spot this year.

The tease marks the first WWE Games announcement since the release of the WWE 2K23 Bad News U Pack, that game’s fifth and final DLC pack, back in August last year which introduced Wade Barrett, Andre Chase, Damon Kemp, Eve Torres, and Nathan Frazer as playable characters.

WWE 2K23 was released last March to a broadly positive reception by both fans and critics, with the PlayStation 5 version currently holding a 7.2 user score and 82 Metascore (the average score of verified critic reviews) on the review aggregate website Metacritic. 2K23’s PS5 Metascore was the highest any WWE video game had received since the PlayStation 2 release of WWE SmackDown Vs. Raw 2006 over 17 years prior, which received a Metascore of 84.