NWA Reality Show To Air On The CW Network; Powerrr To Remain On App (Updated)

Update: Since the publishing of this article, the NWA has issued a statement clarifying that its upcoming reality show will air on The CW app and will not have a regular time slot on TV.

Haus of Wrestling was the first to report that Billy Corgan’s NWA had signed a pair of TV deals with The CW. The news was met with excitement by many in the pro wrestling community, but the energy in the room quickly shifted after a controversial vignette at NWA Samhain. During the PPV, Father James Mitchell could be seen doing cocaine with various wrestlers and extras, causing an explosion of posts on social media platforms, which The CW was tagged in.

Following the incident, we reported that The CW was backing off airing Powerrr on television and would be moving it to their app. Due to the NWA reality show featuring footage of Corgan’s recent wedding, the possibility of it being aired on TV remained on the table. In an interview with Knockouts and 3 Counts, NWA commentator Joe Galli shed some light on the promotion’s content plans with The CW.

“As of right now, we’re on the app, but television is constantly moving,” he began. “And so we’re having all of these different conversations about what’s happening in the world, and so there’s a possibility that it could. I will let you know that our secondary show, which I think a lot of podcasts, and people have already talked about it, which is basically a reality show, that is going to be on CW, on their traditional network, it’ll have a time slot.

“And that’ll be really interesting to help tie people in. And that’s more of a decision from CW to try to get people to migrate over to the app. Because if you look at all of broadcast as it is nowadays, I don’t know about you guys, but when I’m sitting on the couch with my wife, everything we’re watching is on the app, it’s on an app, whether it’s Netflix, or the CW, Max, Hulu, all that sort of stuff.

“So CW and its parent company Nexstar see that that’s where it’s going to be. And that’s where the viewing habits of not just wrestling fans, but all people everywhere, it’s all shifting to that dynamic.”

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