Hulu Trailer Released For Bianca Belair & Montez Ford Reality Show

In the ring, Bianca Belair and Montez Ford are two of WWE’s most-liked stars. Outside the ring, they are a real-life married couple, dealing with many of the same curveballs life throws as less-than-over-than-the-top personalities. Both their in-ring escapades and outside-the-ring relationship will be the subject of a new Hulu reality show, Love & WWE: Bianca & Montez.

Earlier today, Hulu released their official trailer for the upcoming show.

The official description for Love & WWE: Bianca & Montez reads as follows:

Bianca Belair and Montez Ford’s road to WrestleMania; as Montez continues his ascent, Bianca fights to hold on to her title; with the support of their tight-knit group of friends, family, and fellow superstars, the duo pulls off the impossible.

Bianca Belair will compete in the women’s Royal Rumble match this Saturday night. If she is victorious, she will earn the opportunity to challenge either WWE World Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley or WWE Women’s Champion IYO SKY to a match at WWE WrestleMania 40. Belair previously main-evented WWE WrestleMania 37, defeating Sasha Banks, aka Mercedes Mone, for the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship.

As of the writing of this article, Montez Ford has not been announced for a match at the Royal Rumble, but it is possible that will change this Friday on SmackDown. Ford and The PRIDE are currently at odds with Karrion Kross’ new stable, The Final Testament. It is possible that the two factions face off in a six-man match of some sort or in the men’s Rumble match.

Last year, during a SummerSlam weekend media day, Ford told me the following about the upcoming show in a Haus of Wrestling exclusive interview.

“We’ve basically been filming all the way up since January,” he began. “We kind of finished wrapping up yesterday, just yesterday, and it’s been pretty much ongoing like Smackdown, live event, live event, sometimes Raw, and then you will film, film, film, film, and then you go back home, and pretty much also, you go back on the road, and then you do the live shows again. So, we’ve been doing that non-stop for the last, pretty much, eight months. You know?

“No days off, this is truly no days off, and that’s a blessing, man because you already see what we do in the ring. And now we kind of peel the curtain back and show what we do outside of the ring and give everyone else more entertainment and more sense of escape from everything they’re going through. You know? Have some fun, man. I’m all about having fun, man. This show is nothing but f-u-n, fun. Okay?”

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