The Latest On Drew McIntyre And His WWE Contract Status

The WWE future of Drew McIntyre has been a hot topic within wrestling ever since WrestleMania 39. Last May, it was reported that the Scottish star was considering leaving WWE when his contract expired and even got into a creative dispute with the company before finally returning to programming at Money In The Bank. When asked about his future with the company last September, McIntyre remained vague and simply stated that he was focused on the present rather than the future.

Despite the rumors, however, McIntyre has become one of Raw’s most prominent stars in recent months. Most recently, he was one of the final four competitors in the Men’s Royal Rumble match this past weekend and managed to eliminate both Ricochet and Sami Zayn from the bout. On the following edition of Raw, McIntyre confronted CM Punk and goaded the recently returned star over his injury at the Rumble.

In response, Punk stated he would be targeting McIntyre as soon as he returned and the two got into a brawl that ended with Sami Zayn making the save on behalf of Punk. During the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio. Dave Meltzer pointed out that the direction of the segment is interesting given that McIntyre has still yet to re-sign with WWE.

“I would say September is a reasonable [time period for Punk’s] return, which is really interesting because they set up the big angle with Drew McIntyre tonight to be his opponent when he returns. Drew McIntyre is not under contract past April and that has not changed,” Meltzer reported.

In recent months, McIntyre has also featured prominently on WWE Premium Live Events. Back in November, he unsuccessfully challenged World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins in the opening match of Crown Jewel before going on to headline Survivor Series WarGames a few weeks later as one of the ten competitors in the Men’s WarGames match.

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