Cody Rhodes Sets Up The Rock Vs. Roman Reigns At WWE WrestleMania 40

This past Saturday night at the WWE Royal Rumble, Cody Rhodes won the premiere multi-man contest for the second year in a row. His victory ensured that he would be involved in the WWE WrestleMania for the second year in a row. His choice of opponents includes Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth “Freaking” Rollins. The latter of which made his case to Rhodes this past Monday night on WWE Raw that he should be the man to face him on the grandest stage of them all.

On tonight’s WWE SmackDown, Rhodes let Reigns know that he would not face him at WWE WrestleMania 40 and instead intended to take “everything away” from The Tribal Chief. This was when The Rock came to the ring, with his music blaring and the fans chanting, “This Is Awesome.” The two cousins stood face to face as the show went off the air, not uttering a word.

The Rock’s confrontation with Reigns seems to confirm that he will take him on at WWE WrestleMania 40. It also seems to confirm that Rhodes will take on Rollins in the main event of Night One, which previously seemed penciled in for Rollins vs. Rhodes.