Natalya Comments On Training Top AEW Star – Exclusive

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Natalya has been one of WWE’s top stars for nearly two decades. During her time with the promotion, she has not only captured championships but has also broken multiple Guinness Book of World Records records. When not busy being one of the tentpoles of WWE’s women’s division, she and her husband, WWE producer TJ Wilson, have their own training facility near their home in Florida, affectionately known as “The Dungeon.” It is, of course, an homage to her grandfather Stu Hart’s infamous “Dungeon,” featured in the classic Bret Hart documentary “Wrestling With Shadows.”

In an exclusive Haus of Wrestling interview, filmed during the WWE Royal Rumble media junket, I asked Natalya about the recent video she shared on social media showing AEW star Ricky Starks training in “The Dungeon.”

“With the Dungeon, with what TJ and I do, it’s invite-only, and it’s kind of like, it’s funny, because it’s like, you got to know somebody that knows somebody that comes to our ring that’s like, hey, phone a friend, ask a friend, can they come? So, it’s like; it’s not something you can just drop in. It’s not an LA Fitness where you’re like, ‘Hey, I’m gonna pay the drop-in fee.’ It’s just a very, like, because it’s just this one day a week that we train right now.

“It’s not really a school. It’s a workshop. So when Ricky came out, we, listen, anybody that has passion, that, you know, like, I feel like Ricky has so much passion for the industry. I was totally honored to have him come train with us, and he’s very, very talented. And so I would, of course, love to see him, you know, doing what he loves. I know he’s very good friends with Cody Rhodes, but I think Ricky has a really great total package. He can speak, he looks great, he moves great, he’s passionate.

“Anybody that wants to train on their days off, I give them nothing but credit. Whether it’s Moose whether it’s Angelo Dawkins, by the way, I have to kick Angelo Dawkins out of our ring every week because he literally won’t get out of the ring because he trains so hard. He wants to train for like three hours straight. To Hootie of, you know, you guys know him as Ashante ‘Thee’ Adonis from Hit Row. Hootie trains with us. B-Fab, Bri, she trains with us.

“Liv Morgan trains with us. Liv is one of our OGs. Moose, who’s now the TNA champion. We get a lot of people from Ring of Honor TNA; if you love wrestling and you love this industry, and you want to work hard, we’re all about that.”

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