Grandson Of Brian Pillman Helps School Avert Tragedy

A tragedy was averted in Cincinnati, OH, last month when a brave fourteen-year-old, Boom Swallen, helped foil a planned shooting at Mariemont High School. Swallen is the grandson of Brian Pillman and nephew of WWE NXT star Lexis King.

Fox19 reports that Swallen overheard the suspect’s plans and reported them to authorities. Hamilton County Prosecutor Melissa Powers said last Thursday that the suspect planned to shoot both students and staff. If not for Swallen coming forward, Powers believes there is no doubt “we’d be talking about a tragedy in our community with a lot of lives lost.”

For his bravery, Swallen is set to receive the National Student Hero Award from the Uvalde Foundation for Kids. The organization was founded in 2022 in response to the tragic Robb Elementary School shooting in Uvalde, TX. The sole mission of the organization is to stop school violence.

Rebecca Engel, a representative for the Uvalde Foundation for Kids, had the following to say about Swallen’s courage.

“The second someone steps in and says something that makes you a hero, that makes an impact on everyone around you and the things that could occur,” she said. “Because without that voice and if he would’ve just said, ‘Whatever,’ and not get involved in it, a tragedy could’ve gotten way worse.”

“It’s especially important that we recognize those students and individuals because the second someone sees recognition, it will follow through to other students,” Swallen continued. “We can’t end everything, but if we can make it less and make it happen less and help people who have gone through it, we are doing the job that needs to be done.”

Earlier today, sixth-grade Mariemont District students participated in a Sandy Hook Promise – Say Something violence prevention lesson. Counselors and additional staff were also on hand to talk about the threat.