Major Updates On Butterbean: Health, In-Ring Future, More

Butterbean is most known to pro wrestling fans as the man who knocked out Brawl For All winner Bart Gunn at WWE WrestleMania XV. At the time, Butterbean was known as the “King of The 4-Rounders” and routinely took on fights which he won decisively with powerful punches. The match between Butterbean and Gunn, and the overall Brawl For All tournament, was covered in-depth in a second-season episode of Dark Side of The Ring.

Haus of Wrestling received a message from noted pro wrestling trainer and manager Rick Bassman, detailing his work with WWE Hall of Fame inductee Diamond Dallas Page and his partner Steve Yu to help Butterbean get his health in order. In the email we received, it was noted that in 2022, Butterbean weighed more than 500 pounds and was near death. The following year, Butterbean moved into Page’s Accountability Crib and worked with his DDPY team to work on his health.

In the time since Butterbean has slimmed down to less than 300 pounds and is said to be in the best shape of his life. Furthermore, at 57 years old, the heavy-handed hitter is now looking for one more big fight. Page took to social media yesterday to ask fans who they think Butterbean should face in what could possibly be his last fight. At this time, Jake Paul is winning the vote, with Mike Tyson, Brock Lesnar, and Thor Bjornsson trailing. It is worth noting that Lesnar is currently embroiled in the Janel Grant scandal and is unlikely to be taking any fights or appearances in the near future.

Butterbean’s transformation is documented in a short feature produced by Comeback Studio, which can be seen above. In it, Bassman, Page, and other guests speak about Butterbean’s career and comeback story. Of note, former WWE WrestleMania competitor Johnny Knoxville complimented the larger-than-life nature of the hulking boxer. The two have a history together as during the filming for Jackass: The Movie, Knoxville had a “department store boxing match” with Butterbean that left the stuntman bleeding.