WWE And Vince McMahon Sued By Former Writer Alleging Racism

WWE has started off on a bit of a “two steps forward, one-step-back” cadence since the start of the year. Fans cheered in January when Cody Rhodes made his triumphant return and won the men’s WWE Royal Rumble match. Only a few months later, those same fans were left in disbelief as Roman Reigns left The American Nightmare laying in the WWE WrestleMania 39 main event. Behind the scenes, Paul “Triple H” Levesque was the man at the creative helm when 2023 started and now, it would seem, Vince McMahon is slowly regaining his control.

McMahon’s return to WWE does not come without controversy. Despite being lauded as a visionary and pioneer by Endeavor, who will be installing him as Executive Chairman of the new WWE and UFC publicly traded company, McMahon resigned in disgrace last year after a slew of accusations from former female employees emerged.

Ultimately, McMahon agreed to settlements with some of his accusers, including former WWE referee Rita Chatterton who accused him of rape and has since initiated his transition back to the company he’s run for decades. Now, it appears McMahon and WWE are in line for yet another scandalous lawsuit.

Bloomberg Law is reporting that former WWE writer Britney Abrahams is suing WWE, Vince McMahon, and other executives. Her suit alleges she was discriminated against after speaking up about “offensively racist and stereotypical jargon” in scripts intended for black talent. Bianca Belair and Apollo Crews were two talents that were used as examples, with Abrahams noting an instance where Belair was told to say, “Uh-Uh! Don’t make me take off my earrings and beat your ass! “

It was also noted that Crews was encouraged to speak with a “stereotypical and exaggerated Nigerian accent,” and when Abrahams objected was rebuffed. Another pitch she cites was in regard to a Muslim wrestler, who appears to be Maximum Male Models’ Mansoor based on the complaint filing, having “a secret” and how it would culminate in him being behind 9-11.

Abrahams repeatedly pushed back on some of what she was hearing in the writer’s room and even reached out to WWE Vice President Christine Lubrano about it. In response, she was told, “Wacky things are said in the writer’s room all the time!”

“I know but look at the waves we’re making in the company. 4 years ago, no woman worked on the writer’s team!” Lubrano continued.

Abrahams is alleging that her termination in April 2022 was in retaliation for her speaking up about racist and sexist pitches. This is in contrast to the reason WWE gave her for her release, which is that she took a WrestleMania chair, which is against company policy. Abrahams concedes to taking the chair but claims this is a common practice among white male writers, who go unpunished.

Abrahams is seeking reinstatement, damages, declaratory judgment, and an injunction restraining defendants from engaging in such unlawful conduct.

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