Edge Clarifies WWE Contract Status As AEW Rumors Swirl

This past Friday night on WWE Smackdown, WWE Hall of Famer Edge defeated Sheamus in what could turn out to be his retirement match. A year ago, The Rated R Superstar addressed the Toronto fans on WWE Raw, letting them know he would return to his home city in twelve months to wrestle his final bout. With his wife, fellow WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix, and his daughters looking on, he delivered a memorable bout but left the door open in a post-show promo that he may continue wrestling.

In an exclusive interview with Sportsnet’s FAN Morning Show, taped prior to Friday night’s match against Sheamus, Edge commented on his future with WWE and as an in-ring performer.

“Yeah, it’s, I mean, I can’t say I haven’t thought about it, I have for sure, but I realized I haven’t come to any conclusions, and I’m kind of torn, honestly, because I don’t want to do this to the point where I don’t feel like I’m able to have the output that I want,” he said. “Because only I know how I feel when I’m deep into a match and go, ‘Oof, man, okay, I didn’t do enough cardio,’ or, ‘Man, I did all that cardio, and I’m still feeling this way.’

“So, that’s why I really want to collect myself after this thing. Take just a big old deep breath and just decide what that is. My contract’s up at the end of September. This is my last contracted match. So I have a lot of decisions to make, but I can’t do it now. I think I almost got to see how Friday goes in a weird way, and I know that’s not a clear answer, but I don’t have it yet.”

Speculation has been swirling that Adam Copeland, not Edge, could be AEW bound ever since Fightful reported over the weekend that there was backstage speculation about it. Some that they spoke with claimed the idea wasn’t as “out there” as you may think, but considering Copeland confirmed his current WWE contract does not expire until the end of September, it seems an in-ring reunion with his long-time tag team partner, TNT Champion Christian Cage, is not likely for AEW All In this weekend.

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