Jack Perry Reportedly Expected To Take Blame For CM Punk Altercation

Earlier today, Haus of Wrestling released its report regarding what we have gathered about the pre-AEW All In altercation between CM Punk and Jack Perry. PWTorch now reports that “in the heat of the moment,” Punk threatened to quit AEW due to his frustration with continuing backstage issues, a sentiment that we noted in our report this morning. Due to the altercation between the two stars, AEW production was apparently preparing for the match order to change or, at the very least, the pay-per-view start time to be delayed. However, Punk was able to quickly compose himself, and the show started off as scheduled.

The report went on to say that Perry felt that the story about “real glass” being leaked online was done on behalf of Punk and his camp in order to make the former Jungle Boy look bad. Because of that, Perry decided to drop the “unscripted, unapproved comment” about “real glass” during Zero Hour as a shot at The Second City Saint. One source noted to The Torch that they feel Tony Khan has nurtured an environment where young talents and some veterans are comfortable “going into business for themselves” on live TV with shots like that, furthering issues.

Earlier today on Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez stated that the prevailing belief backstage at AEW is that, pending an internal investigation, Punk and Perry will be suspended and pulled from AEW All Out. The Torch’s report doesn’t draw exactly the same conclusion as they cited a source who believes that Perry will take the brunt of the blame since he initiated things yesterday. They did note that it is possible more could be discovered during the investigation that shifts blame to Punk, noting multiple eyewitness accounts of what went down.

For those that are unaware of what is going on between Punk and Perry, weeks ago, at an AEW Collision taping, Perry was booked for a segment that involved him smashing glass. He was apparently adamant that real glass be used for the segment, something Punk and AEW doctors were said to be against, resulting in a tense situation between the two.

Flash forward to last night’s AEW All In Zero Hour pre-show, where Perry competed in a match against HOOK that involved the glass windshield of a limousine being used. After being thrown into the windshield and then diving onto HOOK, who was lying on it, Perry looked into the camera and said, “It’s real glass, cry me a river,” jumpstarting what took place backstage.