No One From AEW Met CM Punk At Heathrow Airport – Exclusive

The last twenty-four hours have been a whirlwind of news coming out of All Elite Wrestling’s biggest show ever, AEW: All In London. The historic event boasted record revenue and ticket sales, along with several big, memorable moments and title changes. There was also the news coming out of the backstage area about CM Punk and Jack Perry getting into an altercation moments before the pay-per-view went live on the air.

Before things backstage became chaotic for Punk, it sounds as if his travel also had some hiccups. Haus of Wrestling has learned that when Punk landed at Heathrow Airport for AEW: All In London on Saturday morning, no one from AEW was there to greet him. There was also no car service to take him to his hotel, and when he texted a number he was given by AEW for the driver, it bounced back as being an invalid number.

After waiting for a while, Punk chose to buy a train ticket and find his own way to his hotel. We are told that The Tube was fairly busy at the time, Punk got lost, and a few fans who noticed The Second City Saint helped him figure out where he was going. It appears that Punk got into London so close to the actual event because he had taping commitments in Atlanta on Wednesday and wanted to spend Thursday with his wife and dog, Larry, before heading out on Friday and landing on Saturday morning.

Earlier today, Haus of Wrestling released an exclusive update on the backstage altercation between Punk and Perry from AEW: All In London, and the subsequent fallout. From what we have been able to gather, following Punk’s “Real AEW World Championship” match against Samoa Joe, he made his way to his dressing room and consulted with AEW security about leaving the building since he felt his presence could bring undue burden to them. It was agreed that would be for the best, and Punk left Wembley of his own accord, meeting up with some of the other talent for Nando’s after the show.

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