Booker T Weighs In On CM Punk AEW Travel & Jack Perry Issues

This past weekend, All Elite Wrestling presented arguably its most historic event yet, AEW: All In London, from Wembley Stadium. However, as we head into AEW Dynamite tonight, most fans are buzzing about what is happening behind the curtain regarding CM Punk instead of what will be transpiring in the ring on TV.

Moments before the big pay-per-view went live, Punk and Jack Perry were involved in a backstage altercation, but prior to that, he was already dealing with another AEW headache, as he was not picked up at Heathrow Airport, and decided to take The Tube to his hotel instead. On the latest episode of Hall Of Fame with Booker T & Brad Gilmore, the WWE Hall of Famer reacted to our story about Punk’s travel issues.

“I know if I land in Heathrow and, you know, my people aren’t there to pick me up, I’m getting back on the damn plane,” he said. “I’m going back home. I’m serious, and you know what? If I had to get to the hotel, I’m gonna be odd about it. You know? I’m gonna still be mad. I’m gonna still be balling a little bit.”

The actual altercation between the two men went down in the Gorilla position behind the curtain. Perry had just wrapped up his Zero Hour match against HOOK, where he had made an unscripted comment to the camera directed at Punk in regard to a recent backstage argument they had about the use of real glass in a segment. Something Perry was adamant about, while Punk, AEW doctors, and the production team were against it.

“It’s real glass,” he pointedly stated. “Cry me a river.”

After the two awkwardly shared space, a verbal exchange escalated to shoving, with Punk eventually putting Perry in a chokehold. AEW President Tony Khan was in the area at the time and reportedly had monitors knocked onto him. In the wake of that incident, both men have been suspended, and their statuses for All Out this weekend are up in the air.

“Look, you got to understand the pecking order,” Booker said. “I’m not jumping on CM Punk’s side here or anything like that, but you got to know the pecking order. Tony Khan brought CM Punk in to quarterback this thing. Right? When the quarterback come in, what letter do he got on his jersey?”

The letter Booker is referring to is C, as in Captain, something his co-host, Gilmore, reiterated. In the WWE Hall of Famer’s view, Punk was in the right in regard to the dispute between the two over the use of real glass in pro wrestling, noting how easy it is to cut an artery, bleed out, and possibly die.

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