Backstage WWE News On Triple H Regaining Creative Control

We are only a few weeks removed from WWE and UFC merging to form TKO Group Holdings, but the changes resulting from it are already being felt. Not long after the new publicly traded company became official, WWE saw over one hundred employees let go, along with roughly thirty talents released from the roster. While those turn of events were unwelcome, there have been other adjustments made that many have enjoyed. Notably, the creative product and how it seems to have renewed energy.

Fightful reports that the prevailing belief within WWE at the moment is that Paul “Triple H” Levesque is once again at the creative reigns and not Vince McMahon. This is something being echoed by PWInsider. No WWE talent has outright been told McMahon is no longer in control, but many are operating under that impression.

One WWE higher-up that Fightful spoke with pointed to Johnny Gargano’s return, Dragon Lee getting a push, Cameron Grimes back on television, Bronson Reed picking up wins, Carlito getting used after months of being under a WWE contract, title matches receiving increased time on TV, and more as reasons to believe Levesque has increased creative power once again.

Haus of Wrestling spoke with a WWE source a few weeks ago who outright said Levesque was back in charge, and there were many possibilities regarding talent and promotional working relationships because of it. It was also stressed to me that while many fans and industry insiders will be cynical and continue to spin the narrative that Vince is still in control, the reality of the situation will come to fruition soon.

“Vince won’t be involved in creative,” was one sentiment expressed to me.

As for why Levesque is taking back an increased influence in creative, one possibility that was expressed to me was the federal investigation McMahon is currently the subject of. In August, McMahon had a search warrant executed on his home and was served with a federal grand jury subpoena. McMahon’s creative influence and the investigation may not be linked, but it was something brought up as a possible factor.

Fightful’s report notes that Levesque’s creative return to power has brought a boost to morale in the WWE locker room. Prior to the change, McMahon had been sending back last-minute changes to the show remotely. In recent weeks, it sounds like those changes have become far less frequent, and those that do come up are usually due to medical reasons. There is also a moral struggle for many working for the company, as several former female WWE employees have accused McMahon of sexual harassment and assault. McMahon settled with his most high-profile accusers this year, including former WWE referee Rita Chatterton who accused him of rape.

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