Marshall Von Erich Excited For The Iron Claw Despite Inaccuracies

Earlier today, A24 released the official trailer for The Iron Claw, a major motion picture about the complicated tale of The Erich Family. The Von Erichs became synonymous with the Dallas pro wrestling market in the 50s and remain active in the area today. The family’s story was recounted in a popular Dark Side Of The Ring episode, The Last Of The Von Erichs, mainly focusing on Kevin Von Erich and his sons, Ross and Marshall.

Marshall took to Twitter this morning and gave his thoughts on the official trailer for The Iron Claw.

“I knew it wouldn’t be 100% accurate because my Dad wasn’t Involved but those of you that know our family know that God played a major role in our story,” he began. “Still excited about it and think it can help a lot of people that are suffering from loss. They nailed the wardrobe tho.”

One of the inaccuracies that Marshall may be alluding to is the presentation of his grandfather, Fritz Von Erich. As the story of The Von Erichs has been told over the years, Fritz, who played a Nazi heel during part of his run, as a stiff authority figure who drove his sons to an early grave. The narrative looks to have been ramped up for the film, as Fritz is regularly portrayed as the bad guy in the trailer.

Earlier this year, I had the chance to speak with Kevin about the impending film and how he felt about how his family’s legacy is perceived.

“People get to know me because there’s some crazy stuff on that internet, and I was afraid they’d use that for this movie, you know?” he said. “And make my Dad look terrible and make Kerry look bad. And, you know? I just couldn’t have that. My dad was a great man, and my brother Kerry, you know? The last few years of his life were the drugs, but he wasn’t like that, or his whole life, just those last few years.

“So, you can’t judge him on how he ended. He was a great head that loved people and was always making a joke, you know? To keep people comfortable. He was all about people not feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed. He’d break the ice so you could talk to him. He was just a great, great kid. He just loved fun, you know? So, I want the truth to be out there, and kind of thought if I go on, I can tell people, kind of, my version because I don’t know what they’re gonna say. I put a lot into it.”

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