MJF Addresses Antisemitic Insult During AEW Dynamite Promo

One last night’s AEW Dynamite: Title Tuesday, one promo segment got many people talking on social media, and not for all the right reasons. Following his underhanded victory over Adam Page, Jay White celebrated in the ring alongside his Bullet Club Gold brethren, Juice Robinson and The Gunns. Their celebration was short-lived as AEW World Champion MJF made his way to the top of the entrance ramp to angrily confront the faction that recently absconded with his treasured “Triple B” title.

After being told to relinquish the stolen goods, White made it clear he had no intention of doing so, inciting Friedman to go off on him. Despite the vitriol, White was unmoved and reminded the brash young star that they would face off at Full Gear, where he could win it back. He also challenged Friedman to find three other wrestlers to have a four-on-four match, another opportunity to take back his championship.

This is where the segment took an unfortunate turn, as Robinson grabbed the microphone and began to address Friedman. The Bang Bang Gang member revealed that the Dynamite Diamond Ring Battle Royal will return next week, and he plans on being the man to win it. He then told Friedman that after he wins, he will give him a present, a roll of quarters with his name on it. While Robinson tried to clarify that he would use them to load his fist for a punch, many have interpreted the comment as an antisemitic insult, including AEW commentator Excalibur, who noted the “quarters” line was a reference to a previous Friedman segment in AEW.

Last year, in an emotional promo on Dynamite, Friedman recalled that, as a child, he had quarters thrown at him, was called “Jew boy” and told to pick them up. The insult is rooted in the longstanding antisemitic belief that Jews control banks and are generally greedy people. The traumatic event was rekindled last month when a deranged fan brought a sign reading “MJF I dropped a quarter” to the ringside area, resulting in Friedman firing off the following social media message.

“Beyond bummed out I didn’t see this guy,” he wrote. “But also happy I didn’t. Cuz the show would have ended abruptly. Along with his life.”

Robinson’s quarters comment took on added weight as 72 hours earlier, Israel was attacked by Hamas, resulting in the murder of thousands of Jews. As the world mourns the savagery in the Middle East, Robinson’s line hit much harder than it may have otherwise. Friedman has again taken to social media and is addressing the segment head-on.

“Tonight that piece of shit, Juice Robinson decided to bring up a story from my childhood that has left me scared,” he began. “I’m glad he did. He brought awareness to something we’ve all gone through in one way, shape, or form in our lives. On behalf of anyone who’s ever been bullied for being different in any capacity. I look forward to leaving him scared too. I also look forward to this Thursday #StandUpToJewishHate

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