Netflix Will Control Final Cut Of Vince McMahon Documentary

This past week has marked the end of an era, in some ways, as word has circulated that Vince McMahon no longer has the final say regarding WWE creative. Ari Emanuel reportedly feels that companies run best when the people hired for a job are allowed to do them without interference. In this instance, Levesque serves as the WWE Chief Content Officer, and Emanuel does not feel he should have McMahon over his shoulder, making changes as he wishes.

It is somewhat appropriate that Netflix is putting the finishing touches on its own documentary about the life of the over-the-top billionaire. At the Bloomberg Screentime Conference, Bill Simmons, known for his ESPN 30 For 30 series and popular podcast, shed light on the project.

“We have this Vince McMahon documentary that we’ve been working on for three years, I think has a chance to be really great,” he said. “I really think it has a chance to be the best one I’ve been involved with. And I’ll be interested to see what people think about that one because it was a lot of time, and, you know, it was one where Netflix still has final cut of it, and it’s a little more old school like with the 30 For 30 model was. I think it has a chance to be really special.”

The interviewer asked Simmons whether McMahon would have a chance to see the film before it was released to the masses.

“Not the giving notes on the final cut part,” he clarified. “I think they get to look at clips.”

With McMahon not getting the final say on the creative of this documentary, much like the WWE product, it is interesting to see the direction the project takes. McMahon’s life has been filled with controversies, but things have become more serious in the last year or so. Multiple women have alleged sexual harassment or assault, and the hush money payments discovered to conceal those allegations have triggered SEC and DOJ investigations. Earlier this year, a search warrant was executed on McMahon’s home, and he was served with a federal grand jury subpoena.

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