Tony Schiavone Hypes Tony Khan’s ‘Historic’ Gift To Sting

Last week, WWE Hall of Fame inductee and current AEW star Sting announced that he will have his retirement match at AEW Revolution in 2024. The pay-per-view event does not have an announced date or location yet, but the last three Revolution events took place the first weekend in March. In the wake of The Icon’s historic decision, AEW President Tony Khan is set to give the legend a special gift on tonight’s AEW Dynamite.

On the latest AEW Control Center, Tony Schiavone shed some light on what fans can expect from Khan’s present.

“Tony Khan now says he has a very special gift for Sting that he’ll present to him tonight,” he stated. “This will be a historic gift. Yes, I said historic. Nothing like this has ever happened to a wrestler in pro wrestling. So stay tuned for that tonight.”

When considering the kind of historic gift Khan will be bestowing on Sting, a fan’s imagination can run in many directions. Could it be a historic title that he once held given to him for his collection? A classic robe that he thought had been lost to the ages? Or, could Khan offer something intangible, like an opportunity?

The idea of Khan offering Sting the chance for his final match to be for the AEW World Championship certainly perks one’s ears. During his time as a signed AEW talent, the face-painted grappler has never vied for a singles title, let alone had a one-on-one match, which is a little crazy to think about. The chance to go out on top as the champion is certainly an enticing one and the promo exchanges with MJF could be excellent, as well.

Beyond a title match, Khan could also allow Sting to choose what his final match will be and who will be involved. Considering their history together in the company, it would seem like Darby Allin would likely be involved, whether it be alongside or against. The only issue with that would be that Allin is currently scheduled to climb Mount Everest next April and will be in the throws of training and final preparation when Revolution is likely to take place. While not impossible, it would seem cramming in a match at such a delicate time could be difficult.

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