WWE Fans Chant ‘Randy Orton’ After Post-Raw Cody Rhodes Tease

Once WWE fans’ have finished digesting their Thanksgiving dinners and begun setting up their Christmas tree, it will be time for Survivor Series next Saturday night. This year’s installment will see WarGames return, with The Judgment Day battling a hodge podge of WWE Raw babyfaces. Last night’s Raw saw The Judgment Day strengthen their ranks, as JD McDonagh was made an official member, and Drew McIntyre appeared to form some kind of alliance.

McIntyre clarified his intentions after costing Cody Rhodes and Jey Uso their WWE Tag Team Championship opportunity against Finn Balor and Damian Priest. He was seen shortly after shaking Rhea Ripley’s hand at the top of the entrance ramp, leading many to believe he may be joining their Survivor Series team as a last-minute fifth member. If that is to happen, the WWE Raw babyfaces will need an additional member for their team, something Rhodes teased in a post-match promo.

“The Judgment Day has friends, right?” Rhodes asked. “Well, spoiler alert, Jey Uso and I have friends too.”

The line elicited a loud chant for Randy Orton, rumored to return to the WWE fold soon. Rhodes and Orton have a substantial amount of history with one another, having formally been paired together in the WWE stable The Legacy, with Ted DiBiase Jr. rounding out the group. The trio saw great success, with Orton capturing the WWE Championship on three occasions. At the same time, Rhodes won the WWE Intercontinental Championship and WWE Tag Team Championships twice, both with DiBiase Jr.

One name that we know will not be aligned with the WWE babyfaces against The Judgement Day is CM Punk. An unnamed WWE higher-up has been reported as saying the two sides are not talking and that Punk will not be at Survivor Series, being held in his backyard at the All-State Arena in Chicago. This is something that Haus of Wrestling has been able to confirm independently as well. With that said it does sound like the door is open for a return, just not at this time.