MJF Blasts ‘Dumb Motherf-ckers Who Talk Down’ To Him

AEW World Champion MJF has never been shy about giving his opinions. In the past. Friedman has waded into controversial waters to defend his former roommate Zachary Wentz and his controversial quarters’ angle with Juice Robinson. The latter sparked wide criticism, and the angle was quickly dropped on AEW TV.

Friedman took to X this morning to share his blunt thoughts on who he is willing to take advice from.

“If you’ve been at a job for a small number of years but at a high level for a majority of it,” he began. “You don’t have to listen to dumb motherf-ckers that talk down to you and say they know better because they’ve been at the job for a large number of years but at a low level for a majority of it. Respect everyone. But don’t let anyone son you, ever.”

One fan responded to Friedman attempting to nail down which veteran the AEW World Champion was referring to.

“Jerry Lynn never reached your level,” they wrote. “Do you dismiss him?”

“I wouldn’t call WWE/WCW/TNA/ECW/ROH/ GWF low level,” Friedman shot back. “Study the sport you love.”

Based on previous comments that older AEW talent has made in the past about the younger generation not listening to veterans backstage, many have jumped to the conclusion Friedman’s comment is directed toward a current AEW agent or veteran talent. Some names that could fit that description include Arn Anderson, Dean Malenko, Chris Hero, and the newly hired Scotty 2 Hotty.

It is also possible that Friedman is responding to one of the many older pro wrestling names currently hosting a podcast and is critical of him. Friedman also interacts with various older talents in his other endeavors like convention appearances or working on the film he recently Executive Produced and is featured in, The Iron Claw.