Bryan Danielson Clarifies Role In CM Punk’s AEW Termination

At WWE Survivor Series, CM Punk made his dramatic return to the sports entertainment juggernaut he’s often hurled verbal pipe bombs at. It was a site many thought they might never see again, as it was just a few years ago Punk signed with WWE’s competition, AEW, and seemed poised to help them get to the next level. Unfortunately, due to backstage issues and altercations, Punk’s time with AEW was thrown into controversy, and he was eventually terminated.

Punk’s firing was not a wholly loved decision but was one that AEW President Tony Khan seemed content to take credit for. However, he was not alone in that decision. Bryan Danielson was reportedly a member of the disciplinary committee that helped make the call to release Punk, which surprised many fans considering their friendship. Danielson was asked about the report in an interview with Maggie & Perloff.

“I’m a part of the disciplinary committee, and clearly, what happened has happened,” he confirmed. “You know what I mean? And I’m somebody who I like CM Punk. You know? I think he brought a lot to AEW while he was there. But, you know, there’s not a lot I can say about it or that I really want to say about it. But yeah, I am a part of it. It’s really funny because there is, you know, how the internet is?

“It’s like, some people will say I was the head of the disciplinary committee. And I’m like, ‘Listen, I mean, there were more than three people involved in this decision, but most of them were all lawyers.’ To say that I was the head, I don’t even have a college degree. I’m not in there bossing people around or anything like that. It’s just like, oh, okay, you know. So, yeah, but yeah, I am part of the disciplinary committee.”

Danielson was pressed on whether the decision was made more difficult considering his real-life friendship with Punk.

“Absolutely,” he conceded. “And as somebody who, you know, I have a lot of empathy, but I’m grateful for the time he was able to spend in AEW, and he did a great job for us. And so, I wish him the best in his future, and I hope his run there it goes well.”

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