Drew McIntyre Issues Warning To CM Punk: ‘I’ll Drop His Arse’

The All-State Arena in Chicago, IL, exploded with excitement when CM Punk returned to the WWE at Survivor Series last month. One man who was not present for the revelry and did not appear to want to be is Drew McIntyre. The hulking Scottish Superstar could be seen stomping up the entranceway to the backstage area, clutching his head just before Punk’s music hit. In the wake of his curious exit, it was reported that among other issues he is dealing with, McIntyre does harbor some ill will toward The Second City Savior, and did not want to be around for his comeback moment.

On yesterday’s episode of WWE’s The Bump, McIntyre gave his candid thoughts on Punk’s return to WWE.

“When it comes to Punk, I obviously recognize he is big for business,” he began. “He is a huge name. He draws a lot of eyeballs, and that’s very clear when you just look at the numbers. I’m a bigger-picture person. I tend to use that criminology degree and look at beyond all reasonable doubt. Look at the evidence. I’m not going to go into great details right now because now’s not the time, but what I said on Raw is there are so few people on the current roster that have been on the same roster as him for years and years and years.

“I signed when I was 22; I was actually 21 when I signed, but I was on television when I was 22 in 2007. I spent years, I was around the person, I know the person. I know what he’s truly like. I’m aware it’s cool and does numbers. That’s awesome for right now, but I’m gonna wait and see right now because I can’t control who gets signed and who doesn’t get signed. I’ve got stories; I’m going to keep them to myself, and in the future, if we cross paths, I ain’t the same guy as I was in 2010. I’m a lot bigger, smarter, more experienced, and I’ll drop arse.”

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