Mick Foley Recalls Text From CM Punk After 2014 WWE Royal Rumble

Hell froze over at WWE Survivor Series when CM Punk dramatically returned to the promotion he once derided. His comeback surprised many, considering how he left the company nearly a decade ago. Following the 2014 WWE Royal Rumble, Punk walked out and later vented on Colt Cabana’s podcast that he physically felt terrible due to poor medical treatment by WWE doctors. The interview resulted in a lawsuit from WWE Dr. Chris Amann that went to trial and was ultimately won by Punk and Cabana.

On yesterday’s episode of WWE The Bump, WWE Hall of Fame inductee Mick Foley gave his thoughts on Punk returning to WWE.

“He’s hated with every fiber of Seth’s being, and that’s a lot of fibers, brother,” he quipped. “Hey, look, I remember getting a text from Punk when he left after the Rumble, and he was upset. He and I were pretty close back then. And he said I’ve realized the only way to really make it there and earn your respect is to go somewhere else and then come back. And he did it, what? Nine years ago? Ten years ago?”

One of The Bump’s co-hosts told Foley it would be ten years since Punk walked out on WWE next month.

“Yeah, and he’s bigger than ever,” Foley said. “No denial of his talent and that he’s going to raise people, you know? People are going to want to not only hang with him but, whether they realize it or not, impress him. And that’s how levels get raised.”

The conversation then shifted back to Rollins’ negative comments toward Punk on Raw this past Monday night and how personal they felt.

“I know Seth, Seth gets frustrated,” Foley conceded. “He gets frustrated. I mean, he believes, and I think rightfully so, that he’s the best wrestler, not only in WWE but around the globe. And I believe he has made that statement emphatically. He’s my MVP for 2000.”

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