Satnam Singh Thinks CM Punk Should Work On His Body Language

CM Punk returned to pro wrestling after a very brief hiatus at WWE Survivor Series last month. The Second City Saint had been off TV for about two months following his termination from All Elite Wrestling. He was released following an internal investigation into a backstage altercation at All In with Jack Perry. Bryan Danielson served on the disciplinary committee that suggested to AEW President Tony Khan that the two sides part ways.

In an interview with Sportskeeda, AEW star Satnam Singh gave his thoughts on CM Punk leaving AEW and returning to WWE.

“He is really good for Turner,” he began. “As long as he stayed in AEW, he was really good with me. I don’t have any issues with him. We did never say anything long, you know? Whatever I feel, you know, how do I feel? And that’s not good. So, it’s not good for our team. It’s not good for our company. So, you have to stay down to Earth, and you have to be nice to everyone. You have to be happy with everyone.

“Can we fight with everyone? So when someone is nice to you, you have to be nice to everyone. You know what I’m saying? So, I just say, whatever he did in AEW. I think it’s not good for a company. It’s not good for all the wrestlers. You have to understand everyone has a different mind. Everyone has a different situation. Everyone has a different body language.

“So, if I want to fight with anyone, I will fight with anyone. But that’s not my body language, you know? So, I guess he needs to be focused on his body language. What language is more important than anything in our country? Good luck to him, whatever. He has a great opportunity in WWE; good for him, and good luck for your future, and good luck for everything. And I’m really happy to see him over there again.”

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