Cody Rhodes Gives Away WWE Set Piece To Fan After Raw

Last night’s WWE Raw saw The Creed Brothers come up short against The Judgment Day for the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships. Before the match, The Creeds were preparing backstage when they found themselves face-to-face with Cody Rhodes. The American Nightmare imparted a few words of wisdom to the brothers, and after he left, the two men were visibly starstruck by the encounter.

Following WWE Raw going off the air, Rhodes returned to The Creed Brothers’ side in the ring for a post-show segment. Based on a fan video being shared around social media, Rhodes had one of the Christmas trees that was part of the Raw set brought into the ring at some point. He then riled the crowd, saying he would give the tree away to a lucky fan. With everyone going wild, Rhodes announced that he would not be the one to pick the winner. Instead, it would be Ivy Nile, ringside for the main event, selecting the lucky fan.

Nile eventually chose someone from the front row, and Rhodes joked that he hoped they had an SUV to get it home. He then wrapped up the festive show by wishing everyone happy holidays.

On the other side of the holidays, Rhodes still has Shinsuke Nakamura to deal with. On last night’s episode, Nakamura read fans his rendition of The American Nightmare Before Christmas to get inside Rhodes’ head. Later in the show, Rhodes attacked Nakamura ringside with multiple security members attempting to separate the two, all of which took damage from Rhodes.

Rhodes made light of his issues with Nakamura during the show when he replied to a social media post from his wife, Brandi, who was promoting an upcoming photo shoot.

“Hun I appreciate these more than anybody on the planet,” he began. “But brother is over here writing poems about me and what not @USANetwork.”

Last night’s episode of WWE Raw also featured R-Truth somehow earning his way into The Judgment Day, along with new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions being crowned.