Goldberg Tried To Be A Part Of Major AEW Match

Former WWE and WCW World Champion Bill Goldberg is currently a free agent and could make his return to pro wrestling at any moment. His final match took place last year at Elimination Chamber, losing to Roman Reigns, and based on comments he made recently about not getting a proper retirement match in WWE, he doesn’t seem to be headbutting down the door to return to the sports entertainment juggernaut. That creates a variety of non-WWE possibilities, including a leap to AEW or an independent retirement tour, which he has hinted at in the past.

In a recent interview with Steve & Captain Evil, Goldberg was asked to give his thoughts on fellow WWE Hall of Fame inductee and current AEW star Sting.

“Sting’s the reason why I broke into the business,” he began. “Sting set a great example, and he’s about to retire in February, and I tried to be a part of his retirement match, you know? But I wouldn’t have chosen to get into the world of professional wrestling if it wasn’t for Sting. He was, don’t take offense to this; he was a normal dude who went out and did abnormal things. Right?

“Wrestling is like being in the circus. I mean, it truly is. So I never like I said, I never looked at it with much respect. But after I watched him from afar, I realized that I had the ability to go do it because he was not only a performer, but he he had self-respect. And he commanded respect, and he just he, it’s really hard to describe it. You know? Because Steve Borden, Sting is one of the best human beings on the planet, and he set an example for me.

“And I just tried to grab the torch and run with it and make him proud. You know? I sound like a corny motherfu-ker. I mean, really? I mean, I apologize for that, but, I mean, that’s, that’s the truth. I mean, I love him to death.”

Sting will wrestle his retirement match at AEW Revolution in March. His final opponent, or opponents, have not been announced yet, but WWE Hall of Fame inductee “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair, has been seen by his side over the last month or so. Flair wrestled his final match last summer and is unlikely to be in action in Sting’s final bout.

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