Rhea Ripley Clarifies If R-Truth Is In The Judgment Day

CM Punk was not the only WWE star to mount a long-awaited comeback at WWE Survivor Series as R-Truth surprised fans with his return from injury. In the weeks since, R-Truth has set his sights on The Judgment Day, which he believes he has become a member of following a “Loser Leaves The Judgment Day” Miracle On 34th Street Fight victory over JD McDonagh. The stakes for R-Truth to join the group if he won were never fully agreed upon by the stable, but even still, the veteran star believes he’s in.

On the WWE 2024 Preview Special, WWE Women’s Champion and founding The Judgment Day member Rhea Ripley was bluntly asked whether R-Truth was a formal member of the purple and black faction.

“I’ve had up to here with Truth,” she said. “I really have. He’s not in The Judgment Day. It was cool to see Awesome Truth back together. Don’t get me wrong. I was a huge fan of them growing up, but they should stay together, and they should stay away from The Judgment Day because there’s five of us, and that’s it. We’re not looking at Truth right now, and he’s trying to weasel his way in.

“He’s breaking into our clubhouse; that’s not okay. You can’t just break into our clubhouse. He’s putting himself into all of the things that we’re working so hard for. He’s coming out to The Judgment Day music. To me, he thinks he’s a part of it, but we have never signed off on that. We have come; we have not discussed this. We have not come to agreement that Truth is in The Judgment Day. So, so far, he is not. Sorry, everyone.”

This past Monday night, R-Truth once again tried to align himself with The Judgment Day but, after some promo bickering, found himself once again at odds with the group but, this time, aligned with a former friend, The Miz. The two men previously tagged together as The Awesome Truth in 2011 and lost in the main event of Survivor Series that year to the dream team of The Rock and John Cena. R-Truth and The Miz parted ways as a tag team shortly after.

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