Backstage News On Black Taurus And His AEW Future

Black Taurus, better known to AAA fans as Taurus, has been very active in recent months, wrestling for AAA, AEW, ROH, Impact, and more in December 2024. Last week, he confirmed that his time with AAA, where he has largely been a fixture for a decade, has come to an end for now.

“Just to thank AAA and that from now on I will be an independent agent,” he wrote on X. “Black Taurus continues his career in the USA and Mexico as a free agent and why not maybe see cmll?”

Luchablog’s TheCubsFan reports that AAA owns the “Taurus” gimmick, which the wrestler originally worked under when he started with AAA. The wrestler left the company briefly in 2016, slightly modified his name and look to Black Taurus for use on non-AAA shows, which AAA was largely fine with. That changed, however, when he began to perform for Tony Khan’s Ring of Honor and All Elite Wrestling. Now, it appears Black Taurus, or the wrestler behind that character, is bound for AEW full-time, and a resolution with AAA is going to need to be found.

TheCubsFan then lays out three possible outcomes between AAA and the wrestler behind Black Taurus. The first would see AAA releasing the rights to the “Taurus” name and allowing the wrestler to freely go to AEW as is based on their long-time friendship and alliance with AEW. This option was viewed as a possibility if AAA and AEW were on good terms, but the implication seemed to be that may not be the case.

The second option would essentially see the wrestler behind the character buck the wishes of AAA and continue on as he currently presents himself in AEW and ROH. Despite the wrestler having a strong case to do so, a recent lawsuit over Luchasaurus, or Killswitch’s, mask was pointed to as a reason things likely won’t play out that way. If the company is going to have to go to court over how a wrestler is presented, it will probably go an easier route.

This brings us to the third and most likely option: when the wrestler debuts for AEW, they will probably have a name that doesn’t have “Taurus” in it. No word was given on what that name could be. It was also noted that another wrestler may start playing the Taurus character in AAA.