The Young Bucks Are Done Leaning On ‘Superficial Cancerous Superstars’

The Young Bucks returned to AEW TV last week on Dynamite, confronting Sting and Darby Allin, who had just picked up a victory over The Don Callis Family. It now appears The Bucks are on a collision course with the face-painted duo for AEW Revolution, where Sting will compete in his retirement match. On last night’s Dynamite, the brothers sat down for an interview with Renee Paquette to give some insight into why they have returned and what their plans are now that they are back.

“I’m sorry to cut you off,” Nick Jackson said, cutting off Paquette as she tried to start the conversation. “But can you show a little more respect next time and call us by our God-given names of Nicholas and Matthew Jackson? You see, we’re Executive Vice Presidents around here, and it’s time to take this job a little more serious.”

Paquette agreed that it was probably a good idea to talk about them taking their roles more seriously, considering some of their in-ring tantrums. She also began to touch upon other “rumors,” seeming to allude to the All Out brawl and other incidents with CM Punk.

“Okay. You want to go there?” Matt Jackson shot back. “I think I know which rumors you’re talking about. You don’t believe any of that is true now, Renee. The things that they say about us? The things they write about us? Right? Okay. None of those are true. It’s all fake. But let’s say hypothetically, some of that was true. Right? Some of the stuff you read was true. Right?

“Let me ask you a question. What would you do to preserve and protect your life’s work? What would you do to preserve and protect your baby? You and John got a beautiful daughter, right? What would you do? Huh? I know what I would do. Right? So just think about that when you come at us with rumors again. But yeah, this is, this is all hypotheticals. Okay? Okay?

“And also, what would you be willing to lose? Would you be willing to lose your relationship with co-workers and your friends? How about your reputation or your legacy out the window? You know? If you knew all that, in hindsight, would you still do it? If it meant that there would be a healthy, sustainable, thriving wrestling company called AEW? Yeah. Yeah. You know, I know my answer. The answer is hell yeah. I’d go back and do it all over again. And, speaking of there being a company around you, you got your paycheck this week, right? Yeah, you’re welcome.”

Paquette then tried to pivot the conversation to their AEW return last week and their confrontation with Sting and Allin.

“We started AEW; you weren’t there in the beginning, so you don’t know,” Matt said. “But we used to say change the world. That was the slogan: Change the world. And we did, we were disruptors, we were rebels. We spat in the face of tradition. It was out with the old and in with the new, Renee. And for a while, we were doing that. We were changing the world, and somewhere along the way, we did lose our way.

“It was like the culture shifted and toxicity crept into the locker rooms, and the perception of the company was just; it was just different. That’s all it was. It was just different. Okay? And I think I know why. I think it’s because we started to lean on yesterday’s self-serving, superficial cancerous superstars. And you mentioned Sting; this isn’t about Sting. Sting is none of those things things great. He’s a role model employee; he is awesome. In the conversation for one of the greatest of all time. I actually am envious of the way that people talk about him. Maybe they’ll talk about us like that one day. Okay?

“However, it’s about what Sting represents. Sting is the last of that dying breed and the image of Sting, it isn’t in line with what we wanted to do here at AEW, we wanted to change the world. So unfortunately for Sting, we’re gonna have to say goodbye to Sting and everybody like Sting. And we would never ask anybody to do something that we weren’t willing to do ourselves, Renee.”

The conversation closed with Paquette questioning if The Bucks were formally calling out Sting and Alling for AEW Revolution. They fell short of confirming the contest but did note that, as EVPs, they would pull some strings.

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