Karrion Kross Remixes Final Testament & Kevin Sullivan Videos

WWE SmackDown has a new faction to deal with, The Final Testament, comprised of Karrion Kross, Scarlett, Authors of Pain, and Paul Ellering. The imposing stable had been teased for weeks, and when they finally made their presence known two weeks ago, they set their sights on Bobby Lashley and The Street Profits, collectively known as The PRIDE. Lashley and The Profits tried to lure Kross and his group of mercenaries to the ring this past Friday night but were instead met with a video explaining The Final Testament’s purpose.

Just now, on X, Kross released a remix of the video that aired on SmackDown, inter-spliced with footage from a conversation between him and pro wrestling legend “The Taskmaster” Kevin Sullivan. The footage of the two men speaking is from a video Kross released last year at this time called “Name Of The Father.” They are both standing outside in a dimly lit neighborhood. Kross is wearing his signature leather jacket, and Sullivan is dressed in a priest’s robe.

“Kevin, you’re at a crossroads in your life. The rage is eating you up, and you’re not controlling it,” Sullivan begins. “You’re at the crossroads. If you go down one, all you’re gonna have is pain, misery, and the blues and agony for the rest of your life.”

This is when classic footage of Sullivan in his heyday began to be interspersed. In it, he portrays himself as The Devil, a Satanist and cult leader. At one point, in a classic promo clip, he promised to show the audience “the way.”

“But if you take the other one, you’re gonna be walking back in the light,” Sullivan continued in his conversation with Kross. “Everything will be good for you. I don’t want you to become like me.”

“Like you?” Kross sternly shot back.

“Yeah,” Sullivan softly stated. “Like me.”

Another, lengthier montage of classic Sullivan footage began to play, with various spooky filters layered over the video. Mixed in were cuts from The Final Testament vignette that aired on SmackDown, showing Kross in a similar cult leadership role as Sullivan.

“Things aren’t right in paradise. I intend to make things right. For all my family members,” Sullivan said in another classic promo, stroking the heads of his charges. “Well, these are my children. These are my possessions. These are the way; I am the way.”

The camera cut back to Kross and Sullivan one last time, with the frontman for The Final Testament seeming to laugh off the legend.

“See ya around, Pops,” Kross quipped before leaving.

To the best of Haus of Wrestling’s knowledge, Sullivan has never been involved in a WWE storyline. We are working to find out if Sullivan will be used on WWE TV or if this was something Kross was doing to create buzz online.

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