Darby Allin Confirms Nearly Tragic Accident On AEW Dynamite

The soft-spoken Darby Allin has never been shy about competing in hard-hitting action. Alongside his mentor and friend, Sting, the young star has leaped off balconies, been thrown down stairs, and much more. On the horizon, Allin’s next insane stunt will see him climb Mount Everest.

In an interview with KSDK, Allin was asked what fans can expect when they attend an AEW show.

“Well, the thing with AEW is you can expect the unexpected,” he said. “I mean that. It’s not just like, I’m not trying to sell anything, but every week there’s some crazy shenanigans going on. Last week, I almost broke my neck. And then this week, we got so much crazy crazy stuff. Literally, it’s something different every week. We don’t play it safe.”

The spot Allin is likely alluding to is from this past Wednesday night’s Dynamite when he was thrown like a sack of potatoes across the ring by Konosuke Takeshita and Powerhouse Hobbs. The Callis Family duo appears to have overshot where they planned to plant Allin in the ring, and his head bounced off the ropes. A gif of the move has been shared multiple times on social media.

Allin was pressed on whether he ever gets nervous before performing the daredevil moves he does in the AEW ring.

“No,” he shot back. “The beauty of AEW to me is they let me do everything inside the ring and outside of the ring. What you see out there is 100% Darby Allin. No one tells me how to wrestle, talk, act, or anything like that. They’re just like, alright, just be you. For good or bad. They let me be me, and I think you can expect just craziness with me, and yeah, I never get nervous because I embrace going to the hospital.”

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