Natalya Addresses Rumors Of A Hart Movie With The Culkins – Exclusive

For decades, few pro wrestling families have been held in as high regard as The Harts. The patriarch of the family, Stu, fathered twelve children, all of whom found their way into the pro wrestling business in some fashion. Most notably, WWE Hall of Fame inductee Bret “Hitman” Hart, one of his relatively younger offspring, held the WWE Championship on five different occasions. Now, Stu’s granddaughter, Natalya, carries on the family’s legacy inside the WWE ring.

At the 2024 WWE Royal Rumble media junket earlier today, I had the chance to ask Natalya about a recent report stating she and the also famous Culkin family were working on a film project about the Hart Family.

“I can’t really confirm, and I can’t really deny, but listen, I have a lot of pride in my family, and I feel like, for me, there is something I’m very passionate about that I’ve been working on for over a year,” she began. “So I can’t confirm, can’t deny but my family is, you know, when you look at the history of the Hart Family, and you look at just the stories that can be told about our family and growing up in the family and being a woman growing up in the family. To me, the possibilities are endless. So when I say that I’m working on something near and dear to my heart, but like I said, I can’t confirm or deny it. But I am working on something really special right now.”

I pressed Natalya on whether or not the project in question would be scripted or some kind of documentary, which she declined to address. She did, however, bring up The Iron Claw and how impressed she was with how it came across, noting that she does love “a good documentary,” but she also enjoys the format of a movie like The Iron Claw.

“McCauley and his brothers were there when I won the championship at the Barclays Center,” she continued. “They were sitting front row when I won the Women’s Championship at the Barclays Center. So I feel like I love and respect anybody that has respect for what we do. And it’s funny because I’ve been watching and seeing like these interviews with Zac Efron talking about like, ‘Oh my god, I have this whole new respect for what wrestlers do,’ because he would have never known that world other than this role.

“And now he’s saying like, ‘Wow, learning from Chavo Guerrero, who’s a third generation wrestler, like, what they do and how hard they work,’ and for us in, in this industry, there is no offseason. And it is very grueling, and it is very hard. So, I like that there’s a new light being shed on it that people can understand this world a little differently.”

We will be releasing our full 2024 WWE Royal Rumble Haus of Wrestling interview with Natalya next week.

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