Slim Jim Reportedly Notifies WWE They Are Pulling Their Sponsorship

WWE SummerSlam featured a Slim Jim Battle Royal that was eventually won by the man who has everybody saying “LA Knight,” LA Knight. It was arguably the biggest win of Knight’s career and earned him a spot at the post-SummerSlam press conference, where he got to brag about his victory. On top of the win, Knight was also featured in a Slim Jim commercial that was reportedly filmed moments after the Battle Royal had concluded.

Unfortunately, it does not look like LA Knight will get to play in the Slim Jim waters anymore, as WrestleVotes has dropped some bad news about the beef jerky stick company’s WWE sponsorship.

“Hearing rumblings that Slim Jim has notified WWE they are pulling their sponsorships from tomorrow’s Royal Rumble event,” they began. “It is yet to be determined if they will remain partners in the future.”

The news that Slim Jim is distancing itself from WWE comes one day after an explosive Wall Street Journal report detailing allegations against Vince McMahon by a former WWE employee, Janel Grant. In her suit, Grant graphically describes being mentally and physically broken down by McMahon to the point she was sex trafficked to other WWE executives, like John Laurinitis, and WWE stars, like Brock Lesnar. McMahon’s lawyer has released a statement denying the allegations.

In the wake of the allegations, many fans are calling for McMahon to be removed from the WWE Board of Directors, which does not seem likely unless he chooses to leave of his own accord. Sponsors, like Slim Jim, have the ability to pressure McMahon to make that call by pulling their financial investments into the sports entertainment juggernaut. Snickers is another major WWE sponsor, and it is possible they follow Slim Jim’s lead and pull their sponsorship until the situation can be properly investigated and addressed.

Earlier today, at the WWE Royal Rumble media junket, I had the chance to ask Nia Jax how the allegations against McMahon are affecting her heading into the weekend.

“Oh, it doesn’t, you know, I’m all business,” she began. “And, you know, this business is built on hard work and dedication, and that’s what every single wrestler in this room is doing right now, and so we just move forward. And it’s, you know, and we’re gonna put on an amazing show.”

Our full 2024 WWE Royal Rumble interview with Nia Jax will be released next week.