AEW Collision Draws Lowest Viewership Ever Against WWE Royal Rumble

This past Saturday night, WWE and AEW went head-to-head once again as AEW Collision aired on TNT and the WWE Royal Rumble streamed on Peacock. The WWE Royal Rumble featured a four-hour, four-match card built around the men’s and women’s Royal Rumble matches, won by Bayley and Cody Rhodes, respectively. AEW Collision boasted six matches over two hours, culminating with a trios elimination cage match featuring FTR and Daniel Garcia against The House of Black.

Wrestlenomics reports that AEW Collision drew an average overall audience of 300,000 viewers, with a .06 rating in the P18 – 49 demographic. This is the smallest average overall audience for any episode of AEW Collision in the show’s seven-month history, including episodes that were preempted. It is the lowest P18 – 49 viewership ever for a non-preempted episode. The report notes that the November 17, 2023, episode, which was preempted, drew an average of 270,000 viewers in the P18 – 49 demographic.

Compared to last week’s episode, the show was down 32% in average overall audience and 50% in the P18 – 49 demographic. As compared to the average audience for the last four weeks of AEW Collision, it was down 28% in overall audience and 49% in the P18 – 49 demographic.

The highest average overall audience for the episode came in the first quarter-hour, with about 343,000 viewers tuned in and 105,000 in the P18 – 49 demographic. It dipped to its lowest viewership in the sixth quarter-hour, with about 276,000 viewers and 66,000 in the P18 – 49 demographic. It began to rally in the seventh quarter hour when the cage match started and saw a 17% increase in P18 – 49 viewership. There was another, smaller rise in viewership for the final quarter-hour, which saw roughly 278,000 viewers tuned in, with 78,000 in the P18 – 49 demographic.